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Behind the lens

Virginie Templier - Photographe mariage fine art Provence - Montpellier - Nîmes - Côte d'A


Welcome to a world dedicated to capturing the love and magic of the precious moments of your wedding!


Virginie was born in 1981 in the Paris region, and after obtaining her baccalauréat, her parents chose to settle in the splendid Montpellier region. Today, she's a happily married mother of two lively, adorable children, Ambre and Maxence, born in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Her life is a whirlwind of energy, perfectly in tune with her dynamic temperament.


Photography has always been her passion, but it was at the birth of her first child that Virginie really realised the power of an image that captures the moment and the emotions. Each shot resonates for her as an ode to poetry and human sensitivity.


She is now privileged to be able to share these unique moments with you, dear couples, learning from every story she encounters. Immersing herself in your stories, witnessing your precious moments in sumptuous settings, all this nourishes her artistically. Her aim is to capture the very essence of your wedding with finesse and romance. Her acute sense of perfection and her sensitivity are assets that she puts entirely at your disposal to offer you a priceless reportage, where aesthetics, authenticity and emotions blend harmoniously.

Although she is based in Provence, her gaze looks out over the infinite horizon of France and the world, ready to capture every moment of love, wherever it may appear. Her daily life is a never-ending quest to offer you timeless, refined souvenirs, faithful witnesses to a magical day that will remain engraved in your memories forever.

To ensure that her photographs endure the test of time, Virginie makes a point of playing with natural light and the authenticity of emotions, to create soft, timeless images that are the true legacy of your love story.

I love what I do

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Détails robe - séance engagement - Eze Village - Virginie Templier  Photographe fine art P

Fine Art

Virginie's artistic approach, inspired by the Fine Art style, is characterised by a clear, luminous and delicate aesthetic, where softness and simplicity blend harmoniously. She draws on this style for all the poetry and romance inherent in each moment of a wedding day, favouring light, often pastel shades.


Virginie strives to recreate the nostalgic, timeless atmosphere of old-fashioned silver film, opting for an approach that enhances the natural beauty of the scenes captured. Rather than extensive retouching, her work focuses on sublimating the shots, to give coherence and harmony to the report as a whole.


The Fine Art style she favours is distinguished by its sobriety, purity and authenticity. It is above all narrative, seeking to tell your story by plunging into the heart of each significant moment. As a result, her wedding coverage is made up of a variety of shots, from portraits to subtle details of decoration, capturing all the elements you have carefully chosen for your unforgettable day.


Her artistic influences enrich her vision and allow her to continually refine her artistic approach to bring you photographic memories of timeless beauty.


She is particularly fond of photographing...


The thing she loves so much about marriage...

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Her favourite time of the day...


Always captivated by every detail of your wedding, which she strives to stage in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Witnessing your happiness and the moments you share with all the people you love.

Couple Session

That moment of togetherness when the two of you find each other, on that day of euphoria.

The couples she works with

Your story is full of romance, passion and poetry.

You are aesthetes, sensitive to elegance, fashion and editorial refinement.

You're looking for luminous images in soft, natural tones that capture every moment of your special day.

The details are of paramount importance to you; you select them meticulously to create an atmosphere that is both harmonious and unique.

Visual harmony and image quality are essential to you in your wedding coverage.


You want the discreet presence of a photographer who can immortalise every moment without disturbing the intimacy of your day.

If this description reflects you as a couple, your vision of your day ahead and what you expect from your wedding photographer, then you are undoubtedly a couple Virginie Templier would be honoured to work with.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Coco Chanel


Virginie can be contacted by email or telephone and will be delighted to find out more about you, your expectations and your needs.


You will then be able to discuss with her her approach to wedding photography and her philosophy, based on the fine art style, because she believes that it is essential to be in harmony on a day that is so important to you.

Couple main dans la main - Virginie Templier Photographe fine art Provence


Mariage Château de Tourreau - Gâteau de mariage - Virginie Templier - Photographe de maria
Décoration de table de mariage au Castel Bay - Photographe de mariage fine art Hyères - Vi
Mariage au Mas d'Arvieux - Virginie Templier - Photographe de mariage fine art en Provence
Papeterie de mariage - La Rotonde - Virginie Templier Photographe Fine Art
Mariage au Château de Tourreau - Virginie Templier - Photographe de mariage fine art Prove
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