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Immerse yourself in the refined and captivating world of Virginie Templier, a wedding photographer dedicated to immortalising the most precious moments of your special day!

Wedding photography

Choosing your wedding photographer is a crucial decision. Why is it so important? Because he or she becomes your shadow throughout this long-awaited day. Virginie understands the importance of this responsibility. She spends the entire day at the bride and groom's side, capturing every emotion, every glance exchanged, every burst of laughter.


Her aim? To transcend the moment, to capture the magic that emanates from your love. With an undeniable passion for the art of photography and a keen sense of aesthetics, Virginie offers much more than just a service: she creates timeless memories and moments etched into eternity. As well as capturing precious moments, Virginie offers an exceptional photographic experience.


Her caring, professional approach puts her subjects at ease, allowing for authentic, natural moments. With meticulous attention to detail and framing, she creates uncluttered images that capture the essence of each moment. Her confident, unobtrusive demeanour ensures an attentive presence without ever disrupting the flow of events. Choosing Virginie is more than just booking a photographer, it's ensuring timeless memories and a memorable experience, from start to finish.

Her approach

of wedding photography

A real bond...

Virginie accompanies couples before, during and after their big day, forging unique and lasting bonds. Because she attaches the utmost importance to each wedding, she naturally limits the number of engagements she accepts each year. This means she can devote herself fully to each couple, offering them a tailor-made experience and exceptional service.


She also has the ability to establish a genuine connection with her models. She knows how to put people at ease, how to guide them gently, how to capture the true essence of each moment. This complicity is born of mutual trust, a bond that is forged from the very first exchange.

A unique story...

Virginie is not just a wedding photographer. She's a storyteller, a magician who transforms fleeting moments into eternal memories. Trust her to capture the ephemeral beauty of your big day and let yourself be swept away by the emotion of her exceptional shots.

An artistic signature...

Her style is a signature, a subtle fusion of timeless elegance and sophisticated modernity. The brides and grooms she accompanies know that they will find in her an artist whose artistic universe matches their deepest aspirations. She knows how to bring out the beauty of each moment, how to capture the very essence of your love.

Beyond borders...

Weddings are particularly festive, romantic and emotional moments in life. These are the feelings that speak to me most about wedding photography. The emotion that a photo gives off and that it transmits when you look at it is what drives me every day in my job. So, after several years' studio experience in a more advanced style of retouching, I've now specialised in wedding reportage and found 'my style' in art.

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Each collection Virginie offers is designed to be adaptable to your specific requirements and needs for your special event.

Each includes:

  • An initial meeting to get to know you better and understand your expectations.

  • Personalised support in planning your wedding, to capture every significant moment.

  • Your wedding reportage will be produced in accordance with the wishes agreed at our initial meeting.

  • Individual retouching of each image to ensure a consistent, high-quality report.

  • Delivery of an elegant USB box, including a linen cover and additional prints.

  • A private web gallery so you can share your images with friends and family, and allow them to download the photos that mean so much to them.


  • The engagement session: a couple's session lasting about 1 hour, before your wedding, to pay tribute to the love and tenderness that unites you (see an engagement session).

  • A second shooter: recommended if you want several different angles of your wedding and/or if you have a large number of guests.

  • An album of your photos, with linen cover and wooden box (available in 30x30 or 20x20)

  • Your prints on art boards

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