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Welcome to Virginie Templier's blog, a space dedicated to sharing her daily life as a photographer specialising in weddings.

Mariage hivernal à la Bastide de Toursainte - Virginie Templier - Photographe de mariage f

Winter wedding at the Bastide de Toursainte

Coming soon...

Lucille&Alex - 20_BD.jpg

Rooted in the charm of Montpellier, Lucille chose the prestigious setting of the Château de Flaugergues to exchange her vows with Alexander, in a celebration imbued with emotion and elegance.


Travelling all the way from the other side of the world with their loved ones, we take you into the captivating story of their union, and leave you spellbound by the enchanting moments that punctuated this memorable day.

Séance couple à Paris - Virginie Templier - Mariage à Paris

Couple Session

Imagine strolling through the picturesque streets of the magnificent French capital... the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot! It was the dream of this charming couple, who had come all the way from bustling Hong Kong to enjoy a week in France, soaking up Parisian emotions in their hearts and etching their love into timeless memories.


For nearly three hours, I guided them through the iconic sites of Paris, capturing the glow of their love under the lights of the City of Light. Come and share these sweet, precious moments with us.

Bénédicte & Valentin - 11_BD.jpg

Authentic wedding at the Domaines de Patras

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of Bénédicte and Valentin's union, celebrated at the prestigious Domaines de Patras estate.


Originally from Switzerland, they invited their family and friends to an authentic ceremony, filled with palpable emotion. Their radiant smiles, unshakeable love and complicity enhanced this memorable day, which I invite you to discover in this article.

Shoot Flora Maria - 28_BD.jpg

Bridgerton Inspiration at Chateau des 3 Fontaines

Discover the dazzling inspiration shoot, the fruit of my collaboration with the talented wedding-planner Florence from the Shades Waves agency. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Château des 3 Fontaines, recently sublimated by a complete renovation, and its gardens, this celebration came to life in a setting of resplendent beauty.


Immerse yourself in the refined world of a Bridgerton-inspired wedding.

Bouquet de mariée - Château la Gaude - Photographe mariage - Fine art photographer - Virgi

Floral editorial at Chateau de Tourreau

An elite team of suppliers set themselves the challenge of creating an editorial wedding at the prestigious Château de Tourreau, where the union of the immaculate purity of white and the lushness of flowers is inevitable. The result? Captivating, spellbinding images, in which every detail bears witness to exquisite elegance and unparalleled refinement.


I warmly invite you to plunge into this enchanting world and discover these marvellous captures that convey the very essence of beauty and sophistication.

Coralie&Vincent - 8_BD_edited.jpg

Chic wedding at Chateau de la Gaude

Coralie and Vincent crossed the border from Belgium for a few days of pure happiness in Provence. In the intimacy of the magnificent Château de la Gaude, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, they exchanged their vows in a chic and elegant celebration.


Come and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of their wedding, captured in this sumptuous setting that seems to have stepped straight out of a fairytale. A romantic getaway to savour without moderation!

Mariage au Castel Bay - Portrait de la mariée - Mariage France - Virginie Templier - Photo

Mariage romantique au Castel Bay

Discover the irresistible charm of Castel Bay, a pearl hidden in the enchanting landscapes of the Var. It was here that Evangelista and Lionel chose to say 'I do', even crossing the Channel to celebrate their love in this magical setting.


With its lush gardens and elegant atmosphere, Castel Bay was the perfect setting for their dream day. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this unique celebration, where every moment was captured with a touch of passion and lightness, making their wedding an unforgettable modern fairytale.

WS_Mas d'Arvieux - 107_BD.jpg

Poetic wedding at Mas d'Arvieux

Immerse yourself in a summer world of unparalleled elegance at Mas d'Arvieux, where every moment seems bathed in the golden light of the Provençal sun. In this oasis of tranquillity, this wedding report has been meticulously crafted to capture the radiance and splendour of a dream day.


Imagine yourself in the heart of the enchanting landscapes of Provence, amid shades of mauve and yellow, where every detail evokes the sweetness of life and the romance of this iconic region. Let yourself be transported by this visual escapade where dreams become reality.

WS_La Rotonde - 49_BD.jpg

Couture inspiration at La Rotonde

Immerse yourself in the ultimate elegance of an exceptional wedding at La Rotonde. Imagine yourself in a world where luxury meets romance, where every detail is carefully orchestrated to create an unforgettable experience.


The bride and groom's table, majestic and imposing, sits at the centre of this magical scene, evoking a feast worthy of the greatest royal banquets. Every element, from the sparkling cutlery to the chiselled candlesticks, testifies to the attention to detail and excellence that characterise this top-of-the-range wedding, which I invite you to discover as soon as possible!

Stay tuned!

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